Timothy Dalton turns 64…

March 22, 2010

On March 21st, the 4th actor to play James Bond in the official film series, Timothy Dalton, turned 64 years old.

And like his Bond actor counterparts, he’s looking good for his age, too!

Happy Birthday, Timothy Dalton.


Friday Feature: “Rendezvous” Production Blog 4

March 19, 2010

Here is the latest behind-the-scenes video for Austin Madding’s James Bond fan film “Rendezvous”…

Licence To Blog and SocialVibe

March 12, 2010

I recently found out about an organization called SocialVibe, which aims to reward publishers of social media content through mechanisms such as donations to their charity of choice.

I thought that this would be great way to contribute to, and therefore, you’ll be noticing a new SocialVibe widget on the side of this blog. The more you click it and take part in some of the FREE surveys that have NO STRINGS ATTACHED, the more Licence To Blog is able to support education for children via SocialVibe. Taking five minutes of my own time to do a simple poll, I was able to rack up 134 days of school instruction for children.

I chose to support education because ultimately, this blog wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Ian Fleming and his literature. And if this means children are more likely to pick up a book, whether it’s written by Fleming, Orwell, Burgess, Woolf, etc., then it has my full support.

This is a really great thing and I really do hope that some of you readers take the time to click the widget and contribute a bit!

Thanks a lot!

‘Goldfinger’ actor Martin Benson dies…

March 8, 2010

The Stage.co.uk reported last week that actor Martin Benson has died aged 91.

Bond fans may know him best as “Mr. Solo”, from the 1963 blockbuster Goldfinger, in which he refuses to take part in Goldfinger’s Operation: Grand Slam, and finds himself having a pressing engagement with Oddjob.

Benson, whose career spanned from the min-1940s until 2005, died in his sleep at home in Buckinghamshire.

He worked in film, television and on the stage, and is best known for playing Kralahome in the 1956 film version of The King and I.

Television roles included The Last of the Summer Wine, The Champions and Richard the Lionheart.

His final television appearance was in an episode of Casualty in 2005.

Rest in peace.

Double o’ nothing reviews “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”…

March 8, 2010

Last week, double o’ nothing reviewed “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

Below is the link to the review. You should definitely give it a read…

“From Big Fry to the small time, George Lazenby in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Well done, Dublo.

Epitome of Cool…

March 8, 2010

Sean Connery for Louis Vuitton

One of the greatest Bond sites on the Net …

March 3, 2010

Check this link out: http://www.hazzamon.co.uk/roger.html

You’ll enjoy it. There’s no doubt.

Happy Birthday, Dan

March 2, 2010

Daniel Craig celebrates his 42nd birthday today.


Olga Kurylenko in “Octopussy: Part II”…

February 25, 2010

No, not really. But this botched Photoshop job sure does make it look like that’s the case. Check out her octo-legs…

(Click the image for a larger view.)

The dedicated stunt man, Martin Grace…

February 22, 2010

This is quite an impressive image I found, and decided to share, of stuntman Martin Grace on the Golden Gate Bridge for “A View to a Kill”. Obviously, he was very dedicated to his job.