James Bond at the Oscars…

According to the LA Times, James Bond is trying to break his way into the Academy Awards.

Article Link: ‘Quantum of Solace’ is running for several Oscars

Personally, I can’t see “Quantum” snagging anything at the Oscars, even if it does get a few nominations- and that’d only happen if they were lucky. I believe someone from the Academy once stated (and don’t quote me here) that nominating or selecting a Bond film for a category at the Oscars would be something of a joke. In a way, this isn’t fair. If a film’s top-notch, then it deserves recognition at any awards ceremony, including the Academy Awards.

As for “Quantum”, as I wrote in my review, I think it’s a pretty solid Bond film. Certainly, it’s nothing like the classics, but it holds up pretty well next to  them. Does Forster deserve a Best Director Oscar for the film? Eh… I’m not sure, as I’ve not seen many films this year. Most of them have been crap, other than “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (that was entertaining, at least), “The Dark Knight”, and “Quantum of Solace”. I saw “The Ruins” in May, and that was so terrible that it was cringe-worthy. I enjoyed Forster’s direction in this film, so if he got a nomination, I wouldn’t complain. Actually, I’d be quite happy for him.

For the other categories, I’m really not sure. Daniel Craig did a fabulous job of acting, but maybe he’ll trump himself with that “Defiance” picture, and end up snagging a nomination or award for that. The Haggis-Purvis-Wade screenplay wasn’t Academy Award-worthy gold, and I expect that to win nothing, nor get nominated. There were plot holes, cheap/cliche scenes, and limited dialogue – after all, half of the film was action. The art direction was great, as was the cinematography. Arnold’s score was promising, for a Bond film, but overall weak. The film editing was quick, fast-paced, and well-done, in my opinion. As for that White/Keys theme song… give me a break. If that gets nominated, I know a few people who are going to be pissed.

Best of luck to “Quantum” at the Oscars. While I don’t think it deserves much in some categories, it was still one of the high-quality flicks of this year. Also, good luck getting past the snobs at the Academy, Bond. Although, with their low standards (“Lord of the Rings” and its multiple wins?), a quality film like “Quantum” may have a decent chance.

We’ll see…


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