The Killers for Bond 23?

Article Link: Q The Music

Bond soundtrack composer David Arnold has revealed he is keen to work with the Killers for a future film in the blockbuster series.

In an interview with Q Radio, the soundtrack maestro said the production team were “very fortunate” to get Jack White with the theme for A Quantum Of Solace – Another Way To Die – on which The Raconteurs and White Stripes stars performs with Alicia Keys.

The composer said he had made early enquiries with The Killers a couple of years ago about working on a Bond theme and he would love to revive the idea.

“We were talking around about the time of Casino Royale … at that time they were working on their second album in Las Vegas. I always feel to a certain extent that when you’re choosing an artist for a Bond movie, you’re trying to find someone that could almost be in the film & belong to that world, and I think they certainly do. They’ve done amazing records,” he told presenter Paul Rees.

It’d certainly make for an interesting Bond theme. I like the Killers and their work, so I’d welcome this with open arms… or ears, rather. Surely, after that White/Keys debacle, there are many options out there to freshen up the music of the James Bond films.

Check out one of their recent songs in the video below, titled “Human”:


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