Marc Forster: Beyond Bond…

Earlier this month, Marc Forster, along with MK12, released a short film for Swiss International Air Lines. I thought this was a very interesting and stylish video worth mentioning.

I know Forster faced a lot of poor reviews for his stylized thrill-ride, Quantum of Solace, but I’ll admit that I like him as a director. I think his visions and ideas are fresh. Was he a great choice for Bond? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Either way, outside of the world of Bond, I think Forster has a lot to offer as a director – way more than those who make hundreds-of-millions by filming CGI robots, or an over-rated actor in a cape.

James Bond tends to bring out the worst in some great directors. I think this certainly applies to Marc Forster. Why? I think because the series has under-gone so many changes, it’s unbelievable – from the Cold War James Bond, to the silly James Bond, to the “Die Hard” James Bond, to the ridiculous James Bond, to the Jason Bourne/James Bond hybrid. Bad writing, bad producers, and bad performances can have a lot to do with this, too.

What I’m trying to get at here is that Forster deserves to be cut some slack. His style (at least) for Quantum of Solace was something that has never seen in a James Bond film before. I think Forster showed dedication to his James Bond film, too; but in the end, the cards just weren’t on his side. The slew of mediocre and untalented writers were the ones to blame, in my opinion.

Anyhow, I look forward to seeing what Mr. Forster will deliver in the future. I think perhaps he knows now that maybe raw action flicks aren’t his forte.

Here’s the video, in both English, and German. Enjoy.


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