Watches… James Bond Watches

According to, there will be a new James Bond watch exhibit coming to the National Watch and Clock Museum (Columbia, Pennsylvania)  in June 2010, titled “Watches… James Bond Watches”. The exhibit will feature watches that have been worn by the legendary secret through out his literary and film careers.

I think this is quite interesting, as James Bond’s watches have always been a part of his style. Could you imagine the secret agent without his Rolex or Omega? Not only are they brilliant time pieces, but they’re also as legendary as the character himself — special thanks to Ian Fleming, I’m sure.

This is definitely going to be something to check out, especially if you’re in the area. Being in New York, I might have to make the trip down to Pennsylvania myself.

I’ll keep you updated with any news on this. Keep checking out, also!


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One Response to “Watches… James Bond Watches”

  1. Dell Deaton, Says:

    Thanks so much for your coverage of this important event, Brandon.

    One of the things I find most satisfying about the “James Bond” theme for my watch collecting focus is the span of history, technology, and culture it offers.

    The literary James Bond was wearing a Rolex Explorer when I was born. When I first saw Agent 007 in the theater, first-run, he was wearing a Seiko digital. My son came along when Omega Seamaster was “the James Bond Choice.”

    Dell Deaton
    NAWCC Guest Curator
    “Bond Watches, James Bond Watches” exhibit, 2010-2011

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