Richard Todd dies at age 90…

Richard Todd had accomplished many things during his life. For starters, Mr. Todd was one of the first British officers to land in Normandy during the main D-Day landing in World War II. This, alone, made him a hero. He later became Britain’s highest-earning matinee idols of the post-war years. He’s best known for re-enacting his wartime experiences in “The Longest Day”, and also appearing in “A Hasty Heart” and “The Dam Busters”.

Among these great achievements, Mr. Todd had won the support of Ian Fleming during the casting stage of the first James Bond film — “Dr. No” — in 1962. As a matter of fact, if it weren’t because of a schedule clash, we would have probably seen Mr. Todd fulfilling Sir Sean Connery’s position in the film.

According to his agent, Richard Todd died of cancer on Thursday at his home in Little Humby, Lincolnshire in central England. Another film legend passes on. None the less, rest in peace, sir.

“You don’t consciously set out to do something gallant. You just do it because that is what you are there for.”

– Richard Todd


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One Response to “Richard Todd dies at age 90…”

  1. Jack Read Says:

    I am saddened to read of his death—I admired his personal courage, service to his country when she sorely needed such men, as well as his fine acting ability—“Fair winds and fiollowing seas” to you, Richard, from another vet (US naval unit) who was at Juno Beach that day

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