Shocking. Positively Shocking…

A new interview with screenwriter Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon) has revealed some limited information regarding the 23rd James Bond film.

Morgan was writing the Bond 23 screenplay from July to October of this year and described it as “a shocking story”. He also stated, “There is a level of hysteria that I haven’t seen before. [James Bond] is a magnet for publicity—everyone wants to know what is going on with the new film.”

Pre-production for Bond 23  has been put on hold until February as MGM, through which EON Productions release the 007 pictures, is up for sale. Because of this, it was also revealed that work on the next Bond film has been put on hold until February 2010.

So long as Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are involved in the Bond series, I have little-to-no faith for the next film. I hope Peter Morgan can infuse some intelligence in the next Bond story, rather than making it yet another “shoot ’em up”, impotent, mindless James Bond adventure.


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One Response to “Shocking. Positively Shocking…”

  1. Gert Waterink Says:

    Dear Brandon,

    I think you’re greatly exaggerating. It is of my understanding that compared to Paul Haggis, Peter Morgan is not only polishing the screenplay. Peter Morgan is working full-time on the Bond 23 screenplay. I have a sincere feeling that Neal Purvis & Robert Wade are slowly left out of the Bond 23 project. Mind my words.

    Gert Waterink (Gustav Graves)

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