The Afghan James Bond

A group of terrorists have stolen an experimental nuclear device and now they want to blow-up Kabul.

Only one man can stop them … The Afghan James Bond, codenamed: “Nijat”.

Afghanistan’s 007 is played by a man named Qaseem Elmi and doesn’t take on the traditional characteristics of Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007, though. Instead of an Aston Martin or Bentley, “Nijat” drives a used Toyota Camry. There are no love scenes and no martinis in this type of Bond film, either.

The budge for “Nijat” was roughly $2500 ,  which included a cast of non-experienced actors and improvised special effects. To create an effect mimicking a bullet going through a man’s chest, the production team set a firecracker behind a dish of color paint and lit the fuse. This was followed by the actor rolling onto the ground, playing dead, in an exaggerated fashion. These firecracker effects also caused the actors’ clothing to smolder; in that case, the production team simply had all of the henchmen smoke cigarettes.

There’s a motive behind this low-budget, Bond knock-off, though. Afghanistan wants to portray a prosperous and peaceful nation of the future. In the shadows, though, Agent “Najit” lurks, and works to prevent a major disaster. Because of this, he becomes a hero that all Afghans can idolize.



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