I admire your weblog, Mr…?

… Nothing. Double o’ Nothing.

I just added http://doubleonothing.wordpress.com/ to Licence To Blog’s link directory.


Well, it happens to be a new weblog created by a friend of mine, and he’s offering his opinions on everything from Art & Design, Food & Drinks, Gadgets & Gear, all the way to Wonderful Women & Gorgeous Girls. Very Bondian, wouldn’t you say?

Well, Double o’ Nothing’s weblog isn’t strictly Bond-focused like the one you’re reading right now; however, it’s still worth a read, and worthy of mentioning. Especially if you’re interested in the topics that I listed above.

Personally, I look forward to reading it as often as I can, and wish Double o’ Nothing the very best of luck with it.

Check it out!


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One Response to “I admire your weblog, Mr…?”

  1. doubleonothing Says:

    Many thanks to Mr. Brown for linking to my blog. I have returned the favour in kind.

    I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed reading License To Blog.


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