The name’s Brown. Brandon Brown…
I’m a James Bond enthusiast.
And I’ve got a licence to blog… when I choose, where I choose, and how I choose.

I was born in New York in 1989. Coincidently, my first Bond film came from my year of birth — Licence to Kill. Since then, my fandom has covered every corner of the Bond universe – from the films, to the novels, to the soundtracks, to the games, to the lifestyle, and etc. In my opinion, Bond is not only a hero of cinema and literature, but he’s now established himself as cultural icon.

I’ve created this WordPress blog to organize my thoughts and opinions on the world of James Bond. I’ll post my opinions or reviews of the films, novels, soundtracks, and whatever else comes to mind. Hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy this blog. Feel free to offer your thoughts on the pieces I post here, as it’d be pointless to post them without getting any input.

I’ll also mention that the banner to this site was generously donated by Josh Gilbert. Check out more of his artwork at Shok Xone Studios.com.

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