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Timothy Dalton turns 64…

March 22, 2010

On March 21st, the 4th actor to play James Bond in the official film series, Timothy Dalton, turned 64 years old.

And like his Bond actor counterparts, he’s looking good for his age, too!

Happy Birthday, Timothy Dalton.


‘Goldfinger’ actor Martin Benson dies…

March 8, 2010

The reported last week that actor Martin Benson has died aged 91.

Bond fans may know him best as “Mr. Solo”, from the 1963 blockbuster Goldfinger, in which he refuses to take part in Goldfinger’s Operation: Grand Slam, and finds himself having a pressing engagement with Oddjob.

Benson, whose career spanned from the min-1940s until 2005, died in his sleep at home in Buckinghamshire.

He worked in film, television and on the stage, and is best known for playing Kralahome in the 1956 film version of The King and I.

Television roles included The Last of the Summer Wine, The Champions and Richard the Lionheart.

His final television appearance was in an episode of Casualty in 2005.

Rest in peace.

Epitome of Cool…

March 8, 2010

Sean Connery for Louis Vuitton

Happy Birthday, Dan

March 2, 2010

Daniel Craig celebrates his 42nd birthday today.


Olga Kurylenko in “Octopussy: Part II”…

February 25, 2010

No, not really. But this botched Photoshop job sure does make it look like that’s the case. Check out her octo-legs…

(Click the image for a larger view.)

The dedicated stunt man, Martin Grace…

February 22, 2010

This is quite an impressive image I found, and decided to share, of stuntman Martin Grace on the Golden Gate Bridge for “A View to a Kill”. Obviously, he was very dedicated to his job.

So long, Mr. White…

February 21, 2010

According to, Jesper Christensen, known as the mysterious “Mr. White” from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, claims that he will not be returning to the James Bond series.

While speaking to the press before Friday’s premiere of his new film, “A Family”, at the Berlin Film Festival, Christensen said that he is happy that his “interlude as a villain in the James Bond series is over.”

Christensen’s comments on the new Bond films didn’t end there, though. He went on to say, “Today, I admit that I regard Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace as really shit. All the people die in them, so two movies are enough for me.”

How will this effect the continuity and consistency of the future films? Well, I imagine it won’t be too damaging. After all, White was a very under-used and poorly-written character. And on top of this, continuity errors and inconsistencies were littered through out the Craig series right from the get-go.

… How exactly did Bond get to Talamone without a visa, passport, or credit card, anyhow?

Peter Murton passes away…

February 11, 2010

Cinema Retro has reported that acclaimed production designer Peter Murton passed away just before Christmas 2009. Murton worked on the earlier Bond films, such as “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball”, and later became the art director for “The Man With the Golden Gun”. Murton was also the art director for Stanley Kubrick’s Cold War satire, “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” in 1964. Another great artist has passed on. Condolences go out to the family of Mr. Murton.

Rest in peace…

Life Magazine: Unpublished James Bond Auditions

December 20, 2009

Who Would Be James Bond?

In the early ’60s, movie producers adapting Ian Fleming’s novels about a suave British spy named James Bond plucked a relative unknown, Sean Connery, out of obscurity and offered him the role of a lifetime. And when Connery left the franchise after five movies, the hunt for Bond was on again. LIFE sent photographer Loomis Dean to the final casting sessions for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (released 40 years ago this week), and the magazine published a handful of those photos. But some of the choicest frames — Bond wannabes suiting up, holding guns, drinking martinis, wooing women — have never been seen…until now.

UNPUBLISHED: James Bond Auditions

This is a very interesting piece by Life Magazine. It’s fun to see who could’ve been Bond #2. Of all the candidates, though, I’d only choose one above George Lazenby, and that’s Robert Campbell. He really looked the part, but I’ve no idea if he was a good actor. It would be great if they’d release the photos in a book.

In Memoriam: Desmond Llewelyn (1914 – 1999)

December 20, 2009

Desmond Llewelyn (12 September 1914 – 19 December 1999), most famous for playing the fictional gadget master “Q” in the James Bond film series, died on this day 10 years ago.

Starting with From Russia with Love in 1963, Llewelyn played “Q” in all but one Bond film until his death.

At age 85, Desmond Llewelyn was in a car accident on 19 December 1999, as he was returning home from a book signing event. Driving alone, his Renault Megane collided head-on with a Fiat Bravo driven by a 35-year-old man on the A27 near the village of Berwick, East Sussex. He died shortly thereafter. The other driver was seriously injured. The following Monday, Llewelyn was due to sign copies of “Q: The Biography of Desmond Llewelyn” at Forbidden Planet in New Oxford Street, central London. Roger Moore, who starred with Llewelyn in six Bond movies, spoke at his funeral.