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One of the greatest Bond sites on the Net …

March 3, 2010

Check this link out:

You’ll enjoy it. There’s no doubt.


Rendezvous [Fan Film] ::: Production Blogs 1 & 2

December 26, 2009

Austin Madding, director of Rendezvous – a fresh new James Bond fan film now in production, has released two new production blogs for the film…

The Afghan James Bond

December 23, 2009

A group of terrorists have stolen an experimental nuclear device and now they want to blow-up Kabul.

Only one man can stop them … The Afghan James Bond, codenamed: “Nijat”.

Afghanistan’s 007 is played by a man named Qaseem Elmi and doesn’t take on the traditional characteristics of Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007, though. Instead of an Aston Martin or Bentley, “Nijat” drives a used Toyota Camry. There are no love scenes and no martinis in this type of Bond film, either.

The budge for “Nijat” was roughly $2500 ,  which included a cast of non-experienced actors and improvised special effects. To create an effect mimicking a bullet going through a man’s chest, the production team set a firecracker behind a dish of color paint and lit the fuse. This was followed by the actor rolling onto the ground, playing dead, in an exaggerated fashion. These firecracker effects also caused the actors’ clothing to smolder; in that case, the production team simply had all of the henchmen smoke cigarettes.

There’s a motive behind this low-budget, Bond knock-off, though. Afghanistan wants to portray a prosperous and peaceful nation of the future. In the shadows, though, Agent “Najit” lurks, and works to prevent a major disaster. Because of this, he becomes a hero that all Afghans can idolize.


Celebrate Thanksgiving weekend with James Bond…

November 25, 2009

The SyFy Channel will be airing a total of sixteen James Bond films this Thanksgiving weekend. Below is the full schedule:

Thursday – November 26th 2009

8:00 AM –  Dr. No
10:30 AM – Licence To Kill
1:30 PM –  Live And Let Die
4:00 PM – The Spy Who Loved Me
6:30 PM – Tomorrow Never Dies
9:00 PM – Casino Royale

Friday – November 27th 2009:

12:00 AM – For Your Eyes Only
2:30 AM – The Man With The Golden Gun
08:00 AM – Thunderball
10:30 AM – From Russia With Love
1:00 PM – You Only Live Twice
3:30 PM – Diamonds Are Forever
6:00 PM – Casino Royale
9:00 PM – GoldenEye

Saturday November 28th 2009:

12:00 AM – Goldfinger
2:30 AM – Never Say Never Again


All times are EST.

Bond makes Empire’s December cover

October 30, 2009

Daniel Craig, as James Bond, has made it onto the cover of the Decemeber edition of British film magazine Empire.

This edition of the magazine has 10 different special edition covers, marking the 10 most popular icons from the last decade. The other covers include:

  • Jason Bourne (Matt Damon, The Bourne Trilogy)
  • Aragon (Vittigo Mortessen, Lord of the Rings Trilogy)
  • The Bride (Uma Thurman, Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2)
  • The Joker (Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight)
  • Maximus (Russell Crowe, Gladiator)
  • Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe, The Harry Potter Films)
  • Shaun (Simon Pegg, Shaun of the Dead)
  • Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy)
  • Wolverine (Hugh Jackman, The X-Men Films)
  • Ron Burgandy (Will Ferrell, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy)

It is said that Bond has always been a bankable cover icon for Empire.

Here’s a picture of the artwork:

James Bond, Empire Magazine

Late Sen. Ted Kennedy spent his final days watching Bond…

August 27, 2009

This was a very interesting article posted by the Cape Cod Times. As you may know, long-time Senator Ted Kennedy, and the last of the original Kennedy family, passed away yesterday at age 77. However, it should be noted that the politician “was happy to the very end”, and spent his final days watching the James Bond series…

WASHINGTON — The once-indefatigable Ted Kennedy was in a wheelchair at the end, struggling to speak and sapped of his energy. But from the time his brain cancer was diagnosed 15 months ago, he spoke of having a “good ending for myself,” in whatever time he had left, and by every account, he did.

As recently as a few days ago, Kennedy was still digging into big bowls of mocha chip and butter crunch ice cream. He and his wife, Vicki, had been watching every James Bond movie and episode of “24” on DVD.

If he was feeling up to it, he would end his evenings with family dinner parties around the same mahogany table where he used to eat lobster with his brothers.

He took phone calls from President Barack Obama, house calls from his priest and — just a few weeks ago — he crooned after-dinner duets of “You Are My Sunshine” (with his son, Patrick) and “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” (with Vicki).

“There were a lot of joyous moments at the end,” said Dr. Lawrence C. Horowitz, Kennedy’s former Senate chief of staff, who oversaw his medical care. “There was a lot of frankness, a lot of hugging, a lot of emotion.”

Obviously, Horowitz added, there were difficult times. By this spring, according to friends, it was clear the tumor had not been contained; new treatments proved ineffective and Kennedy’s comfort became the priority.

But interviews with close friends and family members yield a portrait of a man who in his final months was at peace with the end of his life and grateful for the chance to savor the salty air and the company of loved ones.

Befitting the epic life he led, Kennedy was the protagonist of a storybook finale from the time of his diagnosis in May 2008. It was infused with a beat-the-clock element: His illness coincided with the debate over health care (“the cause of my life”) and the election of a young president he championed.

Kennedy raced to complete his legislative work and his memoirs (“I’ve got to get this right for history,” he kept saying)..

“He was the only one of the Kennedy boys who had a semi-knowledge that his end was near,” said Mike Barnicle, former Boston Globe columnist and an old friend who lives nearby. “There was no gunman in the shadows, just an MRI. It was a bad diagnosis, but it allowed for the gift of reflection and some good times.”

Kennedy wanted to project vigor and a determination to keep on going. He chose what he called “prudently aggressive” treatments.

He also told friends he wanted to take stock of his life and enjoy the gift of his remaining days with the people he loved most. “I’ve had a wonderful life,” he aid repeatedly, friends recalled.

The Rev. Mark Hession, the priest at the Kennedys’ parish on the Cape, made regular visits to the Kennedy home this summer and held a private family Mass in the living room every Sunday.

His children had expected him to hold on longer — Kennedy’s son Patrick and daughter Kara could not get back to Hyannisport in time from California and Washington.

But the senator’s condition took a turn Tuesday night and a priest — the Rev. Patrick Tarrant of Our Lady of Victory Church in Centerville — was called to his bedside. Kennedy spent his last hours in prayer, Tarrant told a Boston television station, WCVB-TV.

He died comfortably and in no apparent pain, friends and staff members said.

Kennedy had told friends recently that he was looking forward to a “reunion” with his seven departed siblings, particularly his brothers.

“When he gets there, he can say, ‘I did it, I carried the torch,’ ” Rep. William Delahunt, D-Mass., said. ” ‘I carried it all the way.’ “

Senator Kennedy had good taste in films, it seems. My condolences go out to the family, and may he rest in peace.

Saratoga Race Course Schedule

August 15, 2009

In Ian Fleming’s Diamonds Are Forever, James Bond and Felix Leiter venture to Saratoga Springs, New York. This has always interested me because I’m from Upstate New York, and Saratoga happened to be not far from where I lived.

In connection with Bond, I thought I’d post the Saratoga Race Course schedule, as horse racing is the main spectacle in Saratoga Springs. Obviously, Ian Fleming found it interesting enough to mention, too.

If you’re ever heading to Upstate New York during the summer, Saratoga is certainly the place to visit. If you’re not into horse racing, there’s plenty of night life, shopping, and outdoor activities to enjoy.

  • August 19th: Women’s Day – An expo for the ladies at the Track! Women will have an opportunity to learn about health, fashion and other women’s issues at many booths set up in the backyard area.
  • August 22nd – 30th: The Travers Festival – A week long festival of equine-oriented events as well as many fun family events and community competitions. The highlight of the festival is the $1 million Shadwell Travers Stakes on the 29th. For specific details on this year’s events, pick up a brochure at the Track or call 1-800-526-8970.August 26th: Stewart’s Ice Cream Eating Contest – Three age groups can participate – kids, teens and adults – to see how much ice cream they can handle! Winners receive gift certificates for free Stewart’s Shops ice cream.

    August 28th: Battle Of The Brews – Beer tasting contest ($25 to participate) for those 21 and older to vote on their favorites. Event benefits the Adirondack-Saratoga chapter of the American Red Cross.

  • August 29th: Travers Day – Also nicknamed the Midsummer Derby, the Travers Stakes is the oldest major thoroughbred race in the nation, and the most highly anticipated event of the Saratoga meet.September 2nd: Proud To Be An American Day – Saratoga Race Course honors veterans and active military with FREE grandstand admission (proper identification required), compliments of Saratoga County.

    September 4th: Party At The Park / College Day – Formerly known as Sunset Racing days, there are 2 Party At The Park days during the 2009 Saratoga meet where racing starts and ends later in the day than usual. Gates open at 12 noon, and first post time is 2:30 pm. There will be live music on stage in the backyard of the track. On this second Party At The Park event, college students will have a shot at winning a $1000 scholarship after each race of the day.

  • September 4th – September 7th: Final Stretch Weekend – On Friday visit the track for Party At The Park. A downtown music festival will take place on Satuday and Sunday. The Annual Family Fun fest will take place on Sunday and Monday. There will be a Labor Day BBQ on Monday.
  • September 7th: Closing Day – The meet concludes with a traditonal Labor Day barbeque on Monday. To order, call 88-285-5961.

For more information, visit

In Memory of Ian Fleming (1908-1964)

August 12, 2009

On this day in 1964, the world lost legendary author, and father to the James Bond series, Ian Fleming.

On August 11th 1964, Fleming attended a Royal St. George’s golf club committee meeting where he was  faced heart trouble and was transported to Canterbury Hospital. Fleming died in his hospital bed on the 12th of August 1964.

His body was laid to rest in Sevenhampton Cemetery.

Ian Fleming (1908 - 1964)

Ian Fleming (1908 - 1964)

Woman recognizes no voices… except Sean Connery's.

November 20, 2008

Article Link:
Fox > Health > Rare Illness Means Woman Recognizes No Voices, Except Sean Connery’s

Researchers have discovered the first known case of a person born without the ability to recognize what should be familiar voices, even that of her own daughter.

Previously, the rare condition, known as phonagnosia, has been diagnosed only in people who suffered a stroke or some sort of brain injury.

But University of London researchers reported in the online issue of the journal Neuropsychologiathat they have found a 60-year-old woman who was born with the condition.

The woman, known as only as KH, has such difficulty recognizing the voices of people that she avoids answering the phone when possible and, for many years, only answered calls from friends or co-workers at scheduled times.

For the study, researchers played KH the voices of several famous people including Margaret Thatcher, David Beckham and Sean Connery, who played the original James Bond.

Oddly, she only recognized the voice of Connery. She also did well in determining emotion, such as surprise, in people’s voices and was able to discern between different musical instruments in most cases.

The condition has caused the woman problems both personally and professionally. In the 1980s, she introduced herself to co-workers using a variation of her first name so that she would know that it was someone related to her job when they phoned and asked for her using that name.

“Occasionally, people have experienced problems recognizing voices following a stroke or brain damage, but this is the first documented case of someone growing up with this condition,” Dr. Brad Duchaine, co-author of the paper, said in the study. “We suspect that there are other people out there with similar problems, and we’d like to get in touch with them.

“Voice recognition may not seem as important as face recognition, given that failing to recognize someone in front of you can cause much more social anxiety than not recognizing them over the phone,” he continued. “Yet we rely on voice recognition in our day-to-day lives, to identify people on the phone or those speaking on the radio.”

I heard this on the radio today, on my way to the campus. I thought it was pretty damn funny. What does this have to do with Bond? Well, not a whole lot… but it does have to do with the first Bond actor, Sean Connery.

Interesting article. Strange illness.

Honestly, though – who couldn’t recognize Sean Connery’s voice?