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Want a picture taken with Daniel Craig?

December 6, 2009

No, I’m not talking about having your best friend Photoshop an image for you.

If your bid is high enough, you could get a picture taken with Daniel Craig, as part of Evening Standard’s Christmas Charity Auction.

According to the site:

They are the kind of experiences money can’t usually buy – but the money you bid for the lots below in the Evening Standard’s Christmas Charity Auction will make a real difference to the underprivileged children helped by pioneering charity Kids Company.

You have until noon on Monday 14 December to bid and re-bid. The higher you go, the better your chance, and the more you benefit Kids Company.

If you’re a Bond fan with the money, then why not? It’s a win/win situation. Not only will you be helping out a charity, but you’ll also have bragging rights among the entire Bond fan community.

Happy bidding!