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Casting Bond #6 ::: Part 2 – Goran Visnjic

July 4, 2009

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Croatian actor Goran Visnjic is being seriously considered as the sixth 007. He has reportedly been in multiple meetings with “Casino Royale” director Martin Campbell throughout March. It is understood that he is a favourite of Campbell to take over from Pierce Brosnan.

Established big- screen names such as Clive Owen and Dougray Scott are being overlooked in favour of this shortlist.

ER-hunk Goran Visnjic, 32, posh Henry Cavill, 22, Aussie Alex O’Lachlan, 28, and veteran Scot Ewan Stewart, 47, took part in a series of screen tests last week. They played out love scenes with Emmerdale’s Camilla Power – tipped to be a Bond girl.

There was a time in which many of us were sure that Goran Visnjic was going to be casted as James Bond #6. Martin Campbell seemed to like him, and the EON producers found him worthy of a screen test. But in the end, the role was given to Daniel Craig, of course — Why? Debbie McWilliams, the casting director for Casino Royale, told the Australian press in December of 2006 that Visnjic was “just too young”.

I think that Visnjic had the looks of a potential Bond actor. Actually, I think he was the best candidate of the Final Four. He was handsome, and not too bad of an actor from what I saw of him in ER. His resume wasn’t good though, and still isn’t. Ice Age, Elektra, and a cob-job made-for-TV version of Spartacus. If I saw that on someone’s resume, I suppose I wouldn’t hire them either.

But, his potential involvement with Bond wasn’t cut short when Daniel Craig was casted. Following the success of Casino Royale, a Croatian newspaper reported:

“when auditioning for Bond in Casino Royale, Goran Visnjic did such a good job he burned into the minds of the EON psyche. So powerful was his performance that he single handly won the role of next Bond Baddie in the upcoming Bond22 film with Daniel Craig.”

“It is rumoured that Goran’s agent has confirmed the star is working on something massive and will be taking a well earned break from ER in late 2007. It is rumoured that Goran will be playing Vesper Lynd’s former love interest and that his role will be sizable, meanacing and significant to the plot of the upcoming Bond adventure. Bond 22 is continuation of Casino Royale and will be forming a trilogy story for Daniel Craig’s rough and tough Bond.”

This obviously fell through, too, and we haven’t heard of Visnjic in the Bond news ever since.

I have to say, though – Visnjic does look a bit like actor Simon Kassianides, who played Yusef (Vesper’s lover) in Quantum of Solace.

Overall, I think Visnjic had a bit more potential than the other candidates. Surely more than that Ewan Stewart character. But obviously EON wanted to redo James Bond’s image, rather than having him look pretty-boy Brosnan. With the casting of Daniel Craig, it seems as if they wanted a bit more rugged, manly actor to play Fleming’s character. Keeping this in mind, and with his age thrown into the equation, Visnjic didn’t have much of a chance.

… By the way — how the hell do you pronounce Visnjic, anyway?

Goran Visnjic - James Bond #6 Candidate

Goran Visnjic - James Bond #6 Candidate


Mi6 Magazine ::: Issue #5 Press Release

June 18, 2009

(London, UK, April 27th, 2009) Bond Fever Continues! MI6 Declassified, the new full-colour magazine celebrating the world of 007, returns with its fifth issue. “Quantum of Solace” divided some fans and critics over its style and substance, but one fact is undeniable: 007 was back at the box-office in record-breaking form. With opening weekend tallies smashing historical highs almost everywhere he went, Bond Fever was rampant once again. MI6 Declassified #5 looks at how the 22nd film thrilled cities around the world and speaks to some of the creative talent behind the movie… and keep an eye out for an exclusive cut scene still!

Packed with an arsenal of fascinating features and eye-popping visuals, whether your passion is with the movies, books, comics or videogames, MI6 Declassified will satisfy your appetite for all aspects of the James Bond canon.
The fifth issue includes:

  • Premiere Bond – Coverage from Leicester Square for the “Quantum of Solace” debut
  • Around The World With 007 – Following the worldwide launch of the latest film
  • Box Office Bond – Bond Fever hits at cinemas as records are smashed
  • In Their Own Words – Cast and crew discuss making “Quantum of Solace”
  • Making ‘Another Way To Die’ – Jack White and Alicia Keys talk about the title song
  • John Gardner A Life In Literature – A tribute to the late continuation author including his last in-depth interview
  • Giving Bond His Booms, Bangs & Beeps – Interview with Oscar-winning sound editor Norman Wanstall
  • Zig Zag Comics – Uncovering the rare ‘60s series from South America
  • The Bond Connection – A unique look at the world through Fleming’s eyes in Thrilling Cities
  • The Last Word – Mya Harrison on singing and starring in Everything or Nothing

Issue #5 is now shipping around the world. To order online, visit

David Smith

Mi6 Magazine covers the making of  "Another Way to Die"

Mi6 Magazine covers the making of "Another Way to Die"

Around the World With 007

Around the World With 007

"Quantum of Solace" World Premiere

"Quantum of Solace" World Premiere

Norman Wanstall Interview

Norman Wanstall Interview

A Tribute to John Gardner

A Tribute to John Gardner

Issue #5 Cover Page

Issue #5 Cover Page

I’ll continue updating you whenever Mi6 Magazine releases a new issue.

Check it out!

Casting Bond #6 ::: Part One – Ewan Stewart

June 15, 2009

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Final Four James Bond #6 Candidates
24th July 2005

Following last week’s reports that the search for the next James Bond has been whittled down to a shortlist of four contenders, this weekend the British press revealed who the final four candidates are: Goran Visnjic (33), Henry Cavill (22), Alex O’Lachlan (28 ) and Ewan Stewart (47)

… These are the four heart-throbs battling it out to be the next James Bond…


SON of Scottish music hall legend Andy Stewart – who had a hit in 1961 and 1989 with Donald Where’s Yer Troosers. First found fame in late-70s TV drama All Quiet On The Western Front. Has also appeared in The Professionals, Only Fools And Horses and The Bill. Film-wise, starred as First Officer Murdoch in Titanic. Other major film credits include Coll in Rob Roy. Married to actress Clare Byam-Shaw.

If you’ll recall, the headlines of many major news sites (Bond and non-Bond) once read that Ewan Stewart was a strong contender for the role of James Bond #6.

Now that we’re two films into Daniel Craig’s Bond career, with another on its way, I thought it’d be fun and interesting to revisit the news leading up to the casting of James Bond #6.

Ewan Stewart was surely an interesting casting choice. The only similarity he seems to hold with past Bond actors is that he was 47-years-old at the time, which is only about a year or so off from the age in which Roger Moore started his Bond career. The difference, though, is that Sir Roger looked the part, and looked younger than he actually was. Ewan Stewart was severely balding at this point in his career. Also, had he been casted, it would’ve been another year until production wrapped up. At least Sir Sean Connery started his Bond career out with hair.

I’m not sure what the producers were thinking at this point. It must’ve been quite a pathetic and confusing time for them.

Maybe they wanted to kill Bond off?

After all, in a film like that, a balding, stocky, and nearly 50-years-old actor would’ve perhaps fit the part — maybe Bond could’ve died of a heart attack? Or a henchman could’ve sniped him, easily — the glare from that bald head would’ve been a dead giveaway.

Maybe they wanted to do a flash-back sequence; Stewart would’ve played a retired, balding James Bond in his later years, while the film would flash back to a younger Bond’s experience at Casino Royale? Maybe they would’ve thrown a shag, mop wig on Stewart’s head for the younger Bond scenes? Who knows?…

Either way, whether you’re a Craig fan or not, I think you should be thankful that this casting option was rejected. Though I’m not a fan of the new direction that the series has taken, this casting would’ve surely made the series into a confirmed laughing-stock.

Goran Visnjic, Henry Cavill,  or Alex O’Lachlan, however, may have made for a different story…

Stay tuned for Part Two.

Ewan Stewart - James Bond #6 Candidate

Ewan Stewart - James Bond #6 Candidate

Friday Feature: "Casino Royale" Audio Drama

June 12, 2009

This Friday, I’m covering an audio drama of Ian Fleming’s “Casino Royale”, produced by my good friends “Moore” and “Stooge” from Mi6 Forums.


All episodes produced/written by Moore and Stooge.
All episodes directed/mixed by Moore.
Casino Royale was produced between March 31, 2005- July 25, 2008

Production: An Overview
“Casino Royale” was first announced to the MI6 Forums viewing public on March 31, 2005. After becoming interested in old time radio and, recently learning that “Casino Royale” was to be the next Bond film, I decided to put two and two together. Long before Daniel Craig was announced or the tone of the film was known, I feared, at the time, that Fleming’s last work to be produced for the official series would also be torn apart and ruined and therefore I set out to produce a straight adaptation of Fleming’s work.

Although 2005 was the official announcement, the attempt to get this off the ground was a struggle. It was not until late 2006 that recording actually got underway, so in a sense the actually recording period was a year and a half, but from conception to completion, “Royale” took an astonishing three years for a fan media project to see the light of day.

The Story
Introducing James Bond: charming, sophisticated, handsome; chillingly ruthless and very deadly.

Casino Royale finds Bond on a mission to neutralize a lethal, high-rolling Russian operative called simply ‘Le Chiffre’, who has lost 50 million Francs of his nation’s money on a private venture, and unless he can recoup his losses, a SMERSH assassin lies in wait. James Bond 007 is sent to beat Le Chiffre at the casino and ensure Le Chiffre’s death comes at the hands of his own people.

The Cast
James Bond– Timm Gillick (Episodes 1-6, Epilouge)
Vesper Lynd– Lexy Vanier (Episodes 1-3, 5-6)
Le Chiffre– Stefan Van Jaarsveld (Episodes 2, 3)
Le Chiffre – Jamie Mackenzie Smith (Episode 4)
René Mathis– Dan Powell (Episodes 1-2, 5-6)
Felix Leiter– JobeGDG (Episode 3)
M– Lawrence Simpson (Episode 1)
SMERSH Assassin– Steve Anderson (Episode 4)
Basil– Bivinz (Episodes 3-4)
Doctor– Benjamin Lind (Episode 5)
Nurse– Fiona Conn (Episode 5)
Croupier– Russell Gold (Episodes 2-3)
Gambling Man– Jimmy Gerdin (Episode 2)
Hussier– Clym Angus (Episodes 2-3)
Barman– Gotham (Episode 2)
Waiter– Sparf (Episode 1)
Waiter 2– Steven Mane (Episode 2)
Waiter 3– Amanda S. (Episode 2)


Title Song: “A Reason To Die” Composed by Glyn Hughes

Episode 1
Cues Composed by Glyn Hughes

Episode 2
Disconcerned’- Kevin MacLeod (
‘Trip Aces’ – David Arnold (Casino Royale soundtrack)
‘I’m the Money’- David Arnold (Casino Royale soundtrack)
‘Trio for Piano, Cello, and Clarinet’ – Kevin MacLeod (
‘Creeping to Ship’- Kevin MacLeod (

Episode 3
‘Bond Loses It All’ – David Arnold (Casino Royale soundtrack)
‘Dinner Jackets’ – David Arnold (Casino Royale soundtrack)
‘Impending Boom’ – Kevin MacLeod (
‘Bond Wins It All’ – David Arnold (Casino Royale soundtrack)
‘Aston Montenegro’ – David Arnold (Casino Royale soundtrack)
‘Measured Paces’ – Kevin MacLeod (
‘Feral Chase’ – Kevin MacLeod (

Episode 4
Faceoff’ – Kevin MacLeod (
‘CR Torture’ – Rich Douglas

Episode 5
‘A Little Faith’- Kevin MacLeod (
‘Dreamlike’- Kevin MacLeod (
‘Mourning Song’- Kevin MacLeod (

Episode 6
‘With The Sea’ – Kevin MacLeod (
‘Ghost Processional Treatment’ – Kevin MacLeod (
‘Heartbreaking’ – Kevin MacLeod (
‘Loss’ – Kevin MacLeod (