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Olga Kurylenko in “Octopussy: Part II”…

February 25, 2010

No, not really. But this botched Photoshop job sure does make it look like that’s the case. Check out her octo-legs…

(Click the image for a larger view.)


Recycling Bond Girls or: Pulling a Maud Adams

November 1, 2009

It’s not unheard of; Maud Adams played both Andrea Anders and Octopussy in the Roger Moore era of Bond flicks, and for good reason. I don’t think Eon Productions should abandon this concept, as there were a handful of Bond girls from previous Bond films who could still fill the role of a credible Bond girl today.

The Top 5 Girls Who Should Return

1. Sophie Marceau (Elektra King, The World Is Not Enough, 1999)
What a waste of talent. In my opinion, The World Is Not Enough was trash, despite being one of Brosnan’s better Bond flicks.  It’s a shame that Sophie Marceau’s wonderful acting abilities were wasted in this film. Though she played the part of Elektra King extremely well, I’d love to see her come back to the series in the form of a better-written, and more primary character. Perhaps the main Bond girl, instead of being over-shadowed by the bad acting and bouncing jugs of Denise Richards.

Sophie Marceau

2. Izabella Scorupco (Natalya Simonova, GoldenEye, 1995)
Though her talent wasn’t quite as wasted as Marceau’s in Brosnan’s debut film, GoldenEye, I’d still like to see her return in a stronger role. GoldenEye worked pretty well as a post-Cold War, 90’s action thriller, and so did the character of Natalya; if you’ll recall, she was basically a computer technician caught in the middle of all of the action. I wouldn’t mind seeing her return as a primary Bond girl who is more involved with the film’s plot, rather than just being a pretty face on the side. Scorupco’s a good actress, and it’d be nice to see her get a role that she deserves — seems like she’s been signing onto a lot of trash lately.

Izabella Scorupco

3. Rosamund Pike (Miranda Frost, Die Another Day, 2002)
As many will agree, Die Another Day was an absolute atrocity of a Bond film. Rosamund Pike seems like she had lots of potential in Brosnan’s final Bond outing, but it seems like the dynamic duo, Purvis and Wade, seemed to under-write the character. To me, there wasn’t much to Miranda Frost. Yeah, she betrays Bond … just like the Bond girl in the film before Die Another Day. And she sleeps with the villain … just like the Bond girl in the film before Die Another Day, also. That’s about all there is to her. Plus, her death allows Halle Berry to mutter the brilliant line, “Bitch.”

Rosamund Pike
4. Jane Seymour (Solitaire, Live and Let Die, 1973)
Not much to say here, other than she’s a great actress, and she’s looking as good as ever.
I guarantee that this wouldn’t disappoint fans at all.

Jane Seymour


5.  Olga Kurylenko (Camille, Quantum of Solace, 2008)
Quantum of Solace was given some mixed reviews after its release. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, I’m sure you can say that Olga Kurylenko’s performance was neither outstanding or horrific. Certainly, she did much better than some of the more recent, past Bond girls. The only problem was that it seemed she wasn’t written very well — a recurring theme with Purvis and Wade… hmm. Anyhow, I’d like to see her play a character with more depth. She’s certainly got the looks, also.

Olga Kurylenko

Bond beats Batman in annual Blu-Ray sales…

June 23, 2009 reports that the 22nd James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, has become the top-selling Blu-ray DVD for this year, so far, according to research done by Home Media Magazine.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Quantum of Solace
  2. The Dark Knight
  3. Twilight
  4. Eagle Eye
  5. Taken
  6. Iron Man
  7. Pineapple Express
  8. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
  9. Pinocchio: Platinum Edition
  10. Bolt

Order this DVD:
Quantum of Solace on Blu-Ray –

Mi6 Magazine ::: Issue #5 Press Release

June 18, 2009

(London, UK, April 27th, 2009) Bond Fever Continues! MI6 Declassified, the new full-colour magazine celebrating the world of 007, returns with its fifth issue. “Quantum of Solace” divided some fans and critics over its style and substance, but one fact is undeniable: 007 was back at the box-office in record-breaking form. With opening weekend tallies smashing historical highs almost everywhere he went, Bond Fever was rampant once again. MI6 Declassified #5 looks at how the 22nd film thrilled cities around the world and speaks to some of the creative talent behind the movie… and keep an eye out for an exclusive cut scene still!

Packed with an arsenal of fascinating features and eye-popping visuals, whether your passion is with the movies, books, comics or videogames, MI6 Declassified will satisfy your appetite for all aspects of the James Bond canon.
The fifth issue includes:

  • Premiere Bond – Coverage from Leicester Square for the “Quantum of Solace” debut
  • Around The World With 007 – Following the worldwide launch of the latest film
  • Box Office Bond – Bond Fever hits at cinemas as records are smashed
  • In Their Own Words – Cast and crew discuss making “Quantum of Solace”
  • Making ‘Another Way To Die’ – Jack White and Alicia Keys talk about the title song
  • John Gardner A Life In Literature – A tribute to the late continuation author including his last in-depth interview
  • Giving Bond His Booms, Bangs & Beeps – Interview with Oscar-winning sound editor Norman Wanstall
  • Zig Zag Comics – Uncovering the rare ‘60s series from South America
  • The Bond Connection – A unique look at the world through Fleming’s eyes in Thrilling Cities
  • The Last Word – Mya Harrison on singing and starring in Everything or Nothing

Issue #5 is now shipping around the world. To order online, visit

David Smith

Mi6 Magazine covers the making of  "Another Way to Die"

Mi6 Magazine covers the making of "Another Way to Die"

Around the World With 007

Around the World With 007

"Quantum of Solace" World Premiere

"Quantum of Solace" World Premiere

Norman Wanstall Interview

Norman Wanstall Interview

A Tribute to John Gardner

A Tribute to John Gardner

Issue #5 Cover Page

Issue #5 Cover Page

I’ll continue updating you whenever Mi6 Magazine releases a new issue.

Check it out!

Behind the Scenes ::: "Quantum of Solace" – RECUT [Part I]

May 26, 2009

“Juzza”, of, recently answered some of my questions about his Quantum of Solace – RECUT fan media project…

First of all, what did you think of “Quantum of Solace”? Did you want to make a recut of the film because you disliked it? Or perhaps just wanted to fool around with the footage?

I enjoyed Quantum of Solace but in my opinion it did have one serious flaw which was the editing, something that has been highlighted by many people.  I’m all for new styles and ideas but not at the expense of losing the suspense for a scene.  The first time I saw the movie I thought M had been shot but it is only after subsequent viewings was I able to determine that Bond had dragged her to the floor and out of danger whilst at the same time throwing a chair at Mitchell.  Stand out piece for me was the car chase at the start of the movie, I love how the music plays as the camera sweeps towards the mountain side and when the action starts the music stops and all we can hear is the sounds of the cars racing.  It is only as Bond exits the tunnel does the music start playing again and really adds to the adrenaline.

There are two reasons why I re-cut the movie.  Firstly, it gave me an excuse to edit another Bond movie and secondly I was able to incorporate this into a project brief for my Degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media.

Can you explain the process that you went through in order to create a totally new gunbarrel sequence?

First thing I needed to do was rip a HD copy of the movie which I did by installing Linux on my PS3 and dumping a copy of the film over the network directly onto my PC.  This took about 12 hours and I ended up with a 45Gb iso image.  From there, I ripped the content and found the stream that contained the main movie (about 21Gb) and then converted this to a high quality HD file in the MP4 format (this also took about 12 hours).  Then I used various applications to rip frame-by-frame the gun barrel sequence and then cleaned up each individual frame in Photoshop until I had Bond walking on a pure white background.  I then reconstructed the footage using the edited images to a high quality uncompressed AVI file.  As I wanted reflection inside the gun barrel (like the Casino Royale version) the only way I knew this could be achieved would be with a 3D application.  I looked at Maya, 3DSMAX and eventually settled on Blender after watching a trailer for ‘Big Buck Bunny’.  Open Source or not, if people were able to create such high quality footage using Blender then it was good enough for me.  So I spent a few days learning Blender until I was comfortable enough to use it for what I wanted to achieve.  The gun barrel and blood sequence were all completed in 3D.

How was the brief work with Rich Douglas? He’s quite a well-known name in the Bond fan media world.

During the development stage I was using a clean version of the gun barrel from Die Another Day.  Although this worked, I was never really that keen on this version and had hoped to replace it with another at some point.  I went retro and tried some from the Connery and Moore era and although it worked it just didn’t feel right with Arnold’s score.  So I contacted a couple of people who I know had composed their own Bond music and asked if they had any gun barrel pieces I could use.  To my pleasant surprise, Rich Douglas went one better and composed a brand new piece just for my gun barrel sequence.  Not only is it unique but Rich really understands the style of the movie so it works perfectly with Arnold’s score.

What are some other bits of the film that you would like to “recut”?

There are three aspects of the movie I plan on changing.  Although I don’t have a big problem with it, the gun barrel at the end of the movie just seemed odd.  I felt the way it was incorporated into Casino Royale worked and after that we would go back to the traditional Bond of gun barrel at the start of the movie.  Therefore, I wanted to see how it looked so I created my own and added it to the start of Quantum of Solace.

The other two aspects are regarding the title sequence.  Firstly, I think the way it appeared in the film was weak and the titles themselves were not very interesting.

I plan on moving the title sequence to appear after Bond has shot Mitchell and then creating my own title sequence hopefully to compliment the main feature with symbolic images.

Will you be doing any Bond-related fan projects in the future?

There are a couple.  One project I started on was giving Never Say Never Again the EON vibe but for many reasons I never got to finish it.  Now that it is released on Blu-Ray I think I would like to re-visit this again.  One of the major problems I encountered last time was the ripped movie had a lot of gate weaving which meant when editing frame-by-frame not every frame matched the alignment of the previous one.  Since this movie has been re-mastered on Blu-Ray and is effectively a digital print all those previous problems will have gone.

The second project is a tribute to the work of John Barry and is a mash-up sound track of his Bond work.  All I need to do is edit in the visuals.

Click below to view Juzza’s first “Quantum of Solace” RECUT installment:

JUZZAMEISTER.CO.UK ::: “Quantum of Solace” Gunbarrel – RECUT

Special thanks to “Juzza” for taking the time to answering my quesitons. I look forward to seeing more of his Bond-related work.

Four Tet's "Crawl, End Crawl" – Now on iTunes

December 9, 2008

Four Tet and Sony/MGM/Columbia Pictures have finally released “Crawl, End Crawl” on iTunes. Here’s the link:

iTunes > Four Tet > “Crawl, End Crawl”

You could also access the track if you go to your iTunes store and simply submit “Crawl, End Crawl” in the Power Search



"Crawl, End Crawl" on iTunes

"Crawl, End Crawl" on iTunes


Four Tet's "Crawl, End Crawl" leaked onto the net…

November 29, 2008

For all of you Four Tet fans looking to snag a download of the [up until recently] unreleased “Crawl, End Crawl” track from “Quantum of Solace”… here’s your chance. 

While I’m not at liberty to post the download links on this site, I will add that it’s been floating around numerous James Bond fan sites. Though, below, you’ll find a YouTubed video of it, which should wet your appetites.

If you really want it, get it while it’s hot… before Sony puts an end to it.

The Biggest Bond of All!

November 21, 2008

According to Box Office Mojo, “Quantum of Solace” has raked in an estimated $329, 197, 473 at international box offices. As of now, Bond’s the biggest film in the world. To view the charts, check out Box Office Mojo’s “Quantum of Solace” page:

Box Office > Movies > Quantum of Solace

Great news for EON Productions, as “Quantum of Solace” will be marked as the highest grossing Bond film of all time. I suggest that everyone goes out to check it out at your local theaters, as it’s a great thrill-ride, and quality entertainment. Plus, if you’re at all a Bond fan, you’re going to love it. offers "Quantum of Solace" music…

November 19, 2008

The original motion picture soundtrack to the 22nd James Bond film is now available on

For a direct link to the “Quantum of Solace” page, click here: – Quantum of Solace: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

You’re able to listen to a full-length track three times. After the three times, the music is restricted to 30 seconds, just like any regular music/download site. Become a member, and you’ll be able to add the soundtrack to your library, too. Sign up – it’s free. Have fun getting around the German, though. Luckily, the soundtrack/track titles are in English, so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

I thought I’d point this out to anyone interested in hearing the score, whether you’re a soundtrack collector or casual music listener.

[Special thanks to “zebrafish”, from Mi6 Forums, for the heads up]